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Sometimes when I’m making a video, I realize that I’m forcing myself to have a unique opinion on a topic when, in fact, it isn’t an honest opinion….it’s just me searching for something interesting to say. That’s OK, I guess, but I’ve been trying not to do it as much.

Sometimes I’m not…

Same Hank… Same…



Our special guest on Ear Biscuits this week is… the wonderful Troye Sivan!!!

Popular young South African-born Australian vlogger, Troye Sivan, sits down with Rhett & Link this week to share his empowering coming-out story and how he decided to share this personal detail of his life with his fans, why the internet is obsessed with his relationship with Tyler Oakley, and how a secret project in the works might have some people on the edge of their seats. *NOTE: This conversation contains adult themes and language.

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Legit guys this was so much fun! I had a long, in depth conversation with Rhett and Link about literally everything. Have a listen, things get….intense.

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